Exemption Certificate
Issued To
In exercise of the power conferred u/s 11(4) of “THE ASSAM NON-GOVERNMENT EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS (REGULATION OF FEES) ACT, 2018” read with the rule 8(2) of the “THE ASSAM NON-GOVERNMENT EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS (REGULATION OF FEES) RULES, 2020” the Fee Regulatory Committee have decided to extend the validity of fee fixation certificate of last academic year’s i.e. 2021-22 of the “KMK MEMORIAL ACADEMY ” for the academic year 2022-2023.
          The Fees structure of the institute for the academic year 2022-2023 will be as under:-

SL Standard Medium Total Annual Fee of Institution
(inclusive all types of fee)
1 Play Group or Equivalent English ₹ 14,300
2 Nursery or Equivalent English ₹ 14,300
3 UKG or Equivalent English ₹ 14,300
4 Standard I English ₹ 14,300
5 Standard II English ₹ 14,300
6 Standard III English ₹ 14,300
7 Standard IV English ₹ 14,300
8 Standard V English ₹ 14,300
9 Standard VI English ₹ 17,300
10 Standard VII English ₹ 17,300
11 Standard VIII English ₹ 17,300
12 Standard IX English ₹ 17,300
13 Standard X English ₹ 17,300

Conditions: -

1. The Institute shall not collect fee amounting to more than one quarter of a year from any student at a time. However, if the Institute desires to collect the fee at a time for the whole year or for more than a quarter, then a rebate of 5% on the total fee will have to be given. Otherwise, it shall be considered as collection of capitation fee and such school shall be liable to prosecution in accordance with the provisions of the said Act.

2. The fee determined shall be displayed by the Institute on its notice board and official website in English and a local language.

3. Any excess fee collected by the Institute shall be refunded to the students/parents within a period of thirty days from the date of this order.

4. In case, the fee determined by the Committee is higher than the actual fee collected by the Institute, then the difference of fee shall be payable by the students/parents within reasonable time.

Dilip Kumar Handique
Administrative Officer,
Fee regulatory Committee, Assam